Norman Filters manufactures standard Inline Filter housings that are available in anodized aluminum, 300 series stainless steel as well as 17-4 (H900) stainless steel. Operating pressures 0-30,000 PSI from -425° to 400°F* with flow rates of 0-40 GPM (3,000 SCFM). Threaded inlet/outlet ports range from 1/4″ to 1″. Filter elements available with micron ratings from 0.2µm – 1000µm in a variety of media types and collapse ratings.

  • NFC Inline filters have a higher flow rate for body size. Commonly used in cryogenic service.
  • Our inline filters are heavily used in aerospace ground support and flight applications with wide range of customizable configurations such as AS1098 seal cuts in male fittings.
  • Available ASME Sec. 8 B31.3 compliant design- consult engineering for pressure rating compliance.

Customizable cantilever element supported design for flight applications.

*For operating temps above 400°F, consult factory.

The Norman Filter 30K Series inline filter assembly is designed for extreme high pressure applications with redundant seal design ensures minimal leakage. 0-5.5 GPM (175 SCFM), 0-30,000 PSI
High pressure specialty Inline filter assembly with replaceable element. 0-6.0 GPM (200 SCFM), 0-20,000 PSI
Inline filter assembly with replaceable filter element for applications with space limitations. 0-40 GPM (3,000 SCFM), 0-6,000 PSI