Humidity Sensor LubCos H2O

Application area
Water is not desired in hydraulic fluids and lubricants. High concentration of water can cause severe disturbance in operation and damage.


Product Description

Performance features
The LubCos H2O measures the relative humidity of the oil and
thus directly displays the saturation degree in the water:
› 0 %: Absolutely dry oil.
› 100 %: The oil is completely saturated with water. Additional
water will not be dissolved anymore and will present itself as
free water.
In contrast to the humidity analysis from laboratories, where the
absolute water content is defi ned in ppm (parts per million), the
saturation limit of the oil can be determined by relative humidity
measurement. The advantage of the relative humidity over the
absolute water content is, that it is not necessary to know the oil
or its saturation limit in order to determine if there is free or
dissolved water.