• Dynaset Compressors

    Converting the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into compressed air.

HK Compressor

Dynaset HK hydraulic compressors are of high quality and efficiently compress air to different kinds of applications; pneumatic tools, air flushing, tire filling, cleaning, etc. The compact hydraulic air compressors are equipped with a frame integrated tank and are suitable for fixed and variable displacement hydraulic systems. Available options ensure easy and reliable operation in all environments.
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HKL Compressor

HKL series hydraulic compressor’s operation is based on a compact, powerful and reliable rotary vane block.
HKL units are provided with cooled lubrication systems, oil seperator, relief valve on the air intake and automatic rotation speed control valve (up to HKL 1800). Compressors in HKL series are designed for continuous use in demanding conditions.


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HKR Compressor

DYNASET HKR hydraulic screw compressors are compact and integrated all-in-one units, especially designed for mobile installation. The only power source is a hydraulic system to provide compressor with required hydraulic fluid flow at demanded pressure. Dynaset hydraulic screw compressor transforms hydraulic power into a high quality compressed air. The screw compressor can be installed in almost any working machine.
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