Umbilical testing

Hydraulic Umbilical Testing

During production, loadout, installation and commissioning of umbilicals offshore and onshore.

  • High pressure testing
  • Load out testing
  • Monitoring during laying
  • Flushing and filtration
  • Hook-up testing

Electrical and Fibre Optical Umbilical Testing

  • TDR – Locate and document distance to events and cable end.
  • Insulation tester¬† Test insulation up to 999 G Ohm
  • High resolution ohmeter¬†Recording of conductor resistance
  • Continuously monitoring Data logger w/battery capacity up to 10 days
  • OTDR High dynamic range, 177km. Locate and document distance to events and fibre end.
  • Fibre optical splice machine Welding of fibres, single & multi mode